Give your images a new shape!

The Creative Image widget for Elementor page builder allows you to mask image with specific shape. Available 8 Mask Styles.

Style 1

High-angle Photography of Mountain Pathway

VisionPic .net

Style 2

Wide Angle Photo of Mountains

Trace Hudson

Style 3

Brown and White Border Collie Mix Puppy

VisionPic .net

Style 4

Monkey on Tree Branch

VisionPic .net

Style 5

Blue and Yellow Macaw Perched on Twig

VisionPic .net

Style 6

Close-up Photo of Woman with Pink Eyeshadow

Amir SeilSepour

Style 7

Trees on Mountain Cliff Surrounded by Fogs

Eunice Lui

Style 8

Silhouette Photo of Man Throw Paper Plane

Rakicevic Nenad

An innovative image masking widget for Elementor page builder.

Addonse is a wordpress plugin that include Image mask widget that merges simplicity and power, giving you precise control over your image masks. Insert image and you now have a mask ready to be customized.

Here’s a code sample using SVG shapes as the masking objects, and targeting an inline SVG image.

Get beautifull image shapes using mask.
Simple responsive image mask with svg.

Give your images a new shape! With this addon, you can select a shape to mask an image of your choice, so that it reveals only parts of the image within the selected shape.

The addon comes fully loaded with 8 preset shapes that you can select as the image mask. Masked image is a addon to jazz up your design, without needing to learn CSS, and it offers your viewers something new.


  • 8 Preset mask images
  • Add custom mask images
  • Responsive – Auto adjusts when viewed on any resolution


This addon requires Elementor Builder.